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backlängd km
  blå pistar 50km
  röda pistar 66km
  svarta pistar 15km
  backar totalt 131km

längdåkningsspår längd
  längdåkningsspår längd 65km

liftar antal
  dragliftar 21
  stolliftar 15
  kabinliftar 5
  liftar totalt 41
  liftar öppnade

 > Voralberg / Tirol
Pettneu (1228 meter)

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6 recensioner skrivna om skidåkning i Pettneu. Ben jij ook op wintersport in Pettneu är mycket viktiga för andra. Dela med dig genom att fylla i formuläret nedan. Din epostadress kommer inte att skrivas ut på webbsidan och kommer inte att delas med tredjeparter.

Av Morrie på Saturday 19 March 2016
That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thknsa!

Av Sequoia på Saturday 19 March 2016
All of my questions se-nledtthatks!

Av Gretta på Sunday 6 March 2016
canarchaudry / Thank you David for the last update blog brfeoe you leave for your mission. Glad to hear you spent some precious time with your family and close friends brfeoe you embark on your 2 years leave.Truly grateful for everything you have done for your fans during the past four years. your music brought so much happines, inspirations and most of all, you have shown everyone how to be compassionate and caring to people in need by just being who you are. Thank you for that.K, Good luck, God bless and May the light shine upon you and with the help of Our Heavenly Father, may you continue to bring that light to wherever you maybe. It's not a goodbye David:) you in #DA2014 :):):)>

Av Nanda på Wednesday 14 January 2015
Hallo Han, Inderdaad als het gras twee kontjes hoog staat, maar dat geldt natulruijk evenzeer voor het onkruid dat welig tiert. Heel wat werk dus in tuinen en hovingen, maar ja, de combinatie van regen en zon, brengt heel wat op gang. Jammer genoeg is het weer overal, alweer, heel wat minder aangenaam.

Av Elcin på Tuesday 13 January 2015
What this shows to me is the importance of women being in leraidshep and then acting to improve their organization's culture for women and, well, everyone. Healthy organizations do not enable harassers. They respect everyone's work. And when women get in leraidshep positions, some take the attitude that they had to put up with crap and had to work twice as hard as men to get respect, so other women have to do so as well, but others make real changes to the organizations. Besides having a no-tolerance position on harassment, leaders support people who combine work and family with both family-friendly policies and by demonstrating it on a day to day basis. In focusing on women leaders, I do not mean to imply that men can't make similar improvements in organizations. They can and should be encouraged to do so.

Av Eliza på Monday 12 January 2015
Unrelaplelad accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

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