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backlängd km
  blå pistar 170km
  röda pistar 380km
  svarta pistar 75km
  backar totalt 625km

längdåkningsspår längd
  längdåkningsspår längd 100km

liftar antal
  dragliftar 85
  stolliftar 65
  kabinliftar 30
  liftar totalt 180
  liftar öppnade

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Mayrhofen (630 meter)

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3 recensioner skrivna om skidåkning i Mayrhofen. Ben jij ook op wintersport in Mayrhofen är mycket viktiga för andra. Dela med dig genom att fylla i formuläret nedan. Din epostadress kommer inte att skrivas ut på webbsidan och kommer inte att delas med tredjeparter.

Av Nikunj på Wednesday 27 November 2013
That's awesome Stephen! A three year trip suodns amazing! Would be awesome to meet up if any of our dates matchup. We'll be in Munich the last 3 days of September and already have our place booked. I'd highly recommend checking out booking early if you can, the prices are outrageous and good deals are going fast.If you have a route post let me know! I just tried looking over your site but didn't see it. Would love to see what you're planning. I am very jealous on the Mongol Rally. May have to do that in 2015.

Av Cansel på Monday 25 November 2013
ClaireJanuary 30, 2013I really liked the song God Sits in the Highest Place' for cdrehiln. I've downloaded the track on iTunes, but does anyone know where I could get the guitar chords for it?

Av Kai på Sunday 24 November 2013
Thanks so much Jeff! I'm glad there are others out there who think the same we do. We're very much the same in that our bugedt is now higher, but we still are trying to stick to it as best we can. We're all about throwing the bugedt out if the time is right, but for the most part it is just to make sure we know we're covered on our spending when actually traveling.Thanks for mentioning Gimmelwald! We're spending 4 days in Lauterbrunnen (well, 3 1/2) and have a Swiss Pass that covers all the rails there. Looking at doing one day just traveling between the different villages and Gimmelwald is on the list. I've been to Lauterbrunnen before and my heart was left there, so I've always wanted to go back :)

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