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backlängd km
  blå pistar 22km
  röda pistar 15km
  svarta pistar 8km
  backar totalt 45km

längdåkningsspår längd
  längdåkningsspår längd 20km

liftar antal
  dragliftar 6
  stolliftar 10
  liftar totalt 16
  liftar öppnade

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2 recensioner skrivna om skidåkning i Madesimo. Ben jij ook op wintersport in Madesimo är mycket viktiga för andra. Dela med dig genom att fylla i formuläret nedan. Din epostadress kommer inte att skrivas ut på webbsidan och kommer inte att delas med tredjeparter.

Av Paola på Sunday 23 March 2014
How to chose? If time allowed, I'd like at least a quick run down of how to acimoplcsh something with LR then an explanation of how using a plug in can save you time or effort and a demonstration of how YOU do it with the plug in. Even if we were to purchase the plug in, you don't always have your own system with you and sometimes need to know to acimoplcsh something in LR or PS from scratch. But, if you didn't show a plug in that was a time saver and I ran across it myself or found out later that you don't practice what you teach I'd feel let down. Keep sharing, even if it'll cost us

Av Wagie på Saturday 22 March 2014
Mar22 Your daughter's eyes are just amzaing windows to the soul as they say. I absolutely love how you captured the light and life through her eyes!

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Pistkarta Madesimo

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