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  blå pistar 15km
  röda pistar 47km
  svarta pistar 15km
  backar totalt 77km

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  längdåkningsspår längd 53km

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  dragliftar 25
  stolliftar 20
  kabinliftar 2
  liftar totalt 47
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Chamrousse (1700 meter)

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Av Margarita på Wednesday 14 January 2015
Boonton,Best of both worlds, you got mmaehattical modeling and thinking combined with philosophy, history, and logic. *Economists* call it the dismal science because of the failures to apply those things to the real world. You however, are more confident. Why? Dunno. It's unclear on why you think it's a random walk or that only the present state matters (recent or further back history is ignorable). That's a testable hypothesis, does any past influences affect the present and near future. If you find some, then it's not a Markov process. If revolutions are essentially a Markov process, that would be useful info, don't you think? It would mean any revolution is a risk, that you can't just do a riskless revolution by following some pattern of steps to ensure a transition to some 'nice government'.These two sentences have no logical connection. If revolutions are not a Markov process it doesn't follow that they are not high risk. It's unclear why a survey of revolutions, methods, and results can't arrive at a list of things not to do and good things to look for . History – I think its good to know how things went down, even if that may not let you predict what will go down in the future.Why? So you can assign blame?

Av Makendra på Monday 12 January 2015
Begun, the great internet edtcuaion has.

Av Aloysia på Sunday 23 March 2014
Oil, of course is a real facotr but we should not surrender to that facotr in advance, because it is possible that, given the irrationality that rules the region, nothing we do will prevent disruption of the West's oil supply. (We survived such disruption before, in the 70s.) On the contrary, we need to look at all our options. Pulling out, the subject of Mr. Buchanan's present article, is only the necessary and urgent first step. There is much we can do to control the situation afterwards.1) As cfountain72 points out above, we can just start treating the oil suppliers as trading partners, in a spirit of realpolitik that excludes the delusions that we can be nanny to the world and that Israel is less dangerous to the US interests than are Israel's enemies.2) There will always be the option of playing the various states of the Moslem world off against one another.3) Limited strategic military intervention at key points would be a valuable option if the US political class ever becomes mature (or more realistically, just isolationist) enough to conceive of a limited intervention and execute it according to plan.Much more effective than 3, and a valuable means toward 2, are the following:4) Freezing assets and controlling the flow of funds to problem states or to regions with no effective government.5) Controlling or cutting off immigration and resident alien permits for citizens of problem states or regions. It is also high time to make US citizenship revocable for those with dual citizenships tying them to problem nations.4 and 5, it should be noted, are arguably more effective, and certainly far cheaper and more controllable, than military intervention. They also give us a decisive means of putting Israel in its place. We lack but the will to use them.The ability to control our borders is essential to any effective foreign policy, even leaving aside its necessity if we are to maintain internal stability. Control of our borders is as important with respect to the Middle East as it is with respect to Mexico. I can't help suspecting that this is one reason why it is so strongly opposed by entrenched powers in both parties because I can't help suspecting that mass emigration to the US is Plan B for many Israelis, and that as long as this option is open, they will not face the realities of their own position.

Av Danuta på Saturday 22 March 2014
Jul31 Palestinian leader in cairo for show of srpoputCairo palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has met with egypt's interim president in cairo in a show of srpoput for the government that took over after mohammed morsi's ouster.The visit on monday comes as egyptian authorities are investigating the role of abbas' rival palestinian group hamas in a 2011 prison break that freed morsi and several other members of the muslim brotherhood who had been detained under the previous regime.Egyptian prosecutors are investigating morsi on charges of murder and conspiring with hamas in connection with the jailbreak, which left 14 inmates dead amid the chaos during the uprising that toppled autocrat hosni mubarak.Authorities have imposed the toughest border restrictions on the hamas-Run gaza strip in years, sealing smuggling tunnels, blocking most passenger traffic since morsi's july 3 fall.

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